Monday, December 13, 2010

Our cooking instructions etc...

Okay so I have had a few people ask me for the recipes for the 7 hours of cooking Sean and I did last week. Here it is: (we just doubled...or tripled everything to make it 2 weeks worth of meals.)

So far we have had the: Penne with Cream Sauce and Sausage (5 stars!)
South of the Border Ground Beef and Corn Pie (5 stars!) next time we are going to put this into a soft tortilla to eat it.
Country Style Ribs (1 star) (I think the red wine that it sits in all day in the crock pot is not my flavor)
Pineapple Burgers (4 stars!) I think the pineapple once frozen becomes flavorless. I would just add the pineapple slices on right before eating them next time. Otherwise these are great!

Enjoy everyone! And hey, let me know what you all think!!

Until next time :-)

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