Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homestudy done!!

This morning our social worker came to our house to do our homestudy! It went great! She said that she has 3 homestudy reports that she has to do before ours, so hopefully in a month it will be done. Then it has to go to the "China Team" at our agency to be approved, then it has to go to the head supervisor there to be approved...then it will be sent to the USCIS to be approved, then we will be given a fingerprint appointment. When we get our fingerprint approval then our dossier should be sent to China. As soon as China "logs" us in our agency can match us with a child! So hopefully either by the very end of the year, or early next year we should know what our daughter looks like!

Sean and I also have decided that we are going to request a child with a cleft lip and or palate. We feel very happy with this decision and feel that it is the right direction for us to go into.

We also think we might name her Amarah.

Until next time :-)

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  1. Congrats to you on starting your adoption journey to China -

    We're on day 60 of waiting for our LOA for our second SN girl - our newest is 9! We're so excited to bring her home!

    Good Luck!