Monday, March 21, 2011


Here she is! She was very calm and didn't cry at all until a few minutes after we got to our hotel. Then she cried for a few minutes and was calmed down when I held her. She doesn't want me to leave the room. She is fun! She doesn't say anything but she makes cute noises. She walks and like to play with cars! Gavin has been very sweet and loving to her!

She claps, laughs, waves bye-bye and blows kisses!! She is adorable!! We are in love!!

We have to go back to the Civil Affairs Office tomorrow for some more adoption stuff. We are tired and getting ready to go to bed!

I'll get a video on tomorrow!



  1. What a cutie! I bet her brother is happy she likes cars! Looks like everyone is doing well. So happy for you! Enjoy being a family of 4!

  2. She is beautiful! It must feel so good to have her in your arms. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks so much for the blog. She is beautiful!
    God is so good.
    There are no words for the happiness I feel for
    you all.
    Enjoy every minute!!

  4. She is such a little cutie! So fun to see her as part of your family! Can't wait to follow you in the days to come! Praying things are going well!

  5. Wow...she's yours! :o) Congratulations, and may God bless every part of the rest of your trip!

  6. What a beautiful family! I love seeing all of you together, finally! Sean is gleaming like a proud new daddy. What a wonderful daddy he is!! Gavin looks like such a big brother. I will be watching for more photos when you have time. Take care...and enjoy!

  7. YEAH!!! Praise God, she is beautiful!!!!

  8. Yay!!!!!! How wonderful! Praying for the rest of your trip!!! Can't wait to see more!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  9. Your Mom said it perfectly. I teared up when I saw these pictures of her. I'm so incredibly happy for you guys. I hope the rest of your trip is amazing and I can't wait to meet her!

    Sending lots of love!